Get involved

There are a number of ways to engage with High Country Theatre:

1. come and play!

A fox befriends the Little Prince

We welcome enquiries from anyone who’d like to be involved in theatre. We believe that the world of theatre brings joy and allows people to discover their creativity in different ways to other art forms. Re-imagining the world is a powerful tonic!


Snake, foxes, vain person, monarch, lamplighter and geographers from The Little Prince.

If you have a particular area of interest, we may be able to accommodate it. You may have an aptitude or love of something you wish to try out in new arenas. If you don’t and simply want to begin an involvement with performance art, we’re the company for you.

Don’t be shy, just contact us for a chat and we’ll go from there. You can phone or email High Country Theatre’s Director any time.

2. join the off-stage team – now seeking:

  • assistant to the director
  • lighting design and operation
  • costume work
  • set and props (including design and construction)
  • marketing (design and development of collateral)
  • promotion (media releases and advertising, managing distribution of posters etc).

If any of these positions have an incumbent when you contact us, this will not preclude your involvement.

3. put on your own event – come with your own idea

iu-3We like exploring things. Do you have an idea you want to become a reality? It is certainly possible to schedule events in collaboration with others. We love helping other people have a go!



drama workshop

You may be interested in:

  • play readings
  • drama workshops
  • a small show
  • your own idea


doesn’t have to be this classical!

for more information

phone: 0427 729 529