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High Country Theatre enjoys presenting thoughtful and thought-provoking productions. We like to do something that hasn’t been done before or hasn’t been done for a long time, and if it has, we like trying something different. We seek to broaden and deepen our skills; to hand each other challenges and the support needed to meet them.

All our actors, production crew and support people have their own passions for various aspects of theatre performance and help ensure we meet professional standards in all we do.

The gallery on this page shows our past shows at various stages of production and performance. Hover over images for details.

The Little Prince, 2016

Unknown-13High Country Theatre’s production of the Little Prince delighted audiences, both young and old. We had great performances from all our cast which were given a magical touch by Lighting director Chris Snape.

As we know, no good show ever reveals the effort that goes into it backstage, behind the scenes and long before our audiences dream of buying tickets. Many, many thanks to patient parents, talented techies, clever creatives and marvellous managers.

A Woolf at the Door, 2015

Three plays about letters, love and lunacy.
Stolen Heart

Anita Brown as Eve and Mark Lawless as Constable Jones in Vee Malnar’s Stolen Heart.

 A Lady of Letters

Jan Wyles as Irene Ruddock in Alan Bennett’s A Lady of Letters.

A Room of One’s Own

A Woolf at the Door, Hoskins Theatre, TAS, Armidale, NSW, AustraliaBarbara Albury as Virginia Woolf in A Room of One’s Own, based on Woolf’s lecture of the same name.

high country theatre barbara alburyA Streetcar Named Desire, 2014

Mark Lawless and Serena Weatherall as Stanley and Stella Kowalksi.

high country theatre barbara albury

Mark and Serena with Brendan Mooney as The Musician.

A Streetcar Named Desire, Hoskins Theatre, Armidale, November 2014 Jan Wyles as Eunice Hubbard in rehearsal with other cast members.

Streetcar daisy poster

Barbara Albury as Blanche DuBois with Jack Bedson as Harold (Mitch) Mitchell.

High Country Theatre
An LA streetcar
Voice Workshop, lead by Emily Stocker

high country theatre barbara albury high country theatre barbara albury

high country theatre barbara albury