Current Work

High Country Theatre
In association with SAUMAREZ
Open Auditions for George Orwell’s political satire
Friday May 25th at 7.30 pm and Saturday May 26th at 2.00pm
At UNE Music Education Building C 14

Are you a: Squealer-Napoleon-Snowball or a faithful Boxer
George Orwell’s Political Satire on authoritarian regimes, Animal Farm, is more relevant than ever.
Be a part of this wake up call to present day complacency.
As Jesus said: “The more equal will always be with you.”
OK, he didn’t say that but he was thinking it pretty hard.
Director: Comrade Benjamin Thorn 6772 5889
Producer: Comrade Gordon Cope 0403 392 531
The production, in association with Saumarez, will be staged in the Jackson Centre Barn.

Yes it can be cold in the barn but there is adequate gas heating due to Comrade Napoleon’s Fracking Deal.
Rehearsal period will be about 8 weeks.
The runtime is approx 90 minutes
Performance dates: August 10th to the 26th
We require a minimum of 15 actors/puppeteers
The major characters will be costumed while the large cast of less equal animals will be cut out puppets with the puppeteers dressed in black and speaking the dialogue.
Some doubling is required so there will be plenty to do for everyone.
There is a minimum age limit of 12 or nearly 12 years.
For our younger actors there will be plenty of parts in Jack and the Beanstalk later in the year.
We need talented artists to create the puppets and costumes, technicians and FOH staff.
Please indicate your interest on the website or at auditions.
This will be intimate theatre with an audience limit of 60
Remember Comrades: Four legs good two legs bad. Baa

Cast and Crew


Doubles as

Actor 1 Benjamin

Actor 2 Old Major

Cow S3 – Frederick S5 – Goose S10 – Frederick S16

Actor 3 Snowball

Pig S10, S16 – Whymper S12

Actor 4 Napoleon

Actor 5 Squealer

Actor 6 Jones – Pig – Knacker – Man

Jones S3,5 – Pig S7,8, 10 – Knacker S15 – Man S16

Actor 7 Dog

S1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15

Actor 8 Cat – Sheep – Pilkington

Cat S1, 4 – Sheep S3, 5, 10 – Pilkington S16

Actor 9 Boxer

Actor 10 Clover

Actor 11 Muriel

Actor 12 Mollie

Actor 13 Sheep – Sheep Group

Sheep Group S1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 – Sheep S10

Actor 14 Hen – Stable Boy

Hen S1,2,3,4 Stable boy S5

Actor 15 Cow

A lot of puppets will be harmed in this production.

More information and scripts will be available at

If you are going to audition you can print out your audition sheet on the next page then print it and bring it with you. Alternatively you can fill it out and email it back to me ( and I will print it and bring it to the auditions.

Animal Farm Auditions for Cast and Crew

Friday May 25th at 7.30 pm and Saturday May 26th at 2.00pm
At UNE Music Education Building C 14

Preferred given name

Family name

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Preferred part 1

Preferred part 2

Preferred part 3

Preferred part 4

Type/write ‘yes’ next to your preferred crew position(s)


Interested? type YES

Order of preference 1 – 10

Stage Manager

Lighting Technician

Sound Technician

Stage hand


Puppet making

Set construction


Front of house

Web master

Facebook manager

Whatever is needed

Please either print this page and bring it with you to auditions or email to:

To follow our progress in the pre-production of Animal Farm, visit this site and follow our Facebook page.